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The Steel Folding Chair

The Steel Folding Chair


As organizations continue to try to “out-perk” one another offering workers more and more. hover boards, golf simulators, lap pools, nap zones, pet care, beer pong, etc. Their operations are frantically building new open space offices with a full-time masseuse, hip restaurants and chefs on the street level, if you are lucky maybe even a tattoo parlor! But is this what you want when you go to work? Does it make you any better? Studies show that these are not even wanted and may hinder effectiveness.


All of this “out-perking” is well-intentioned businesses seem to think that to get the best, in the best location with the best stuff will equate to innovation and success, but does it? Does being named a “best workplace” make your business better or your people perform better?


Innovation and progress do not require comfort. In fact, often times it’s the opposite that drives people to perform due to a necessity for survival. A state that requires no improvement may even kill the creative spirit.


Throughout time, many have done her or his best work in shabby settings.

  • Albert Einstein wrote his general theory of relativity at the kitchen table.
  • Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak did their tinkering in a garage.
  • Stephen King’s desk faces a wall.


The next time you are caught in a rut, maybe swap out the ergonomically correct, OSHA certified comfort of your office space for a steel-folding chair.


It’s the children the world almost breaks who grow up to save it. – Frank Warren



Christian Pederson is the Founder and CEO of The Bulldog Companies a Twin-Cities based and focused technical staffing, consulting and placement company focused on technical leadership, QA and Cloud-based software development. If you need technical people in the Twin Cities, there is no better place to buy.


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