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When a colleague is looking for a new project, yours is the name I give them first.

I appreciate you being ‘high-touch’ with me. I’ve now met with you twice and I haven’t met face-to-face with another recruiter in that last year.

We need to move you to our first tier because you are easily our most responsive partner.

I like working with you because you send us candidates that will help us, not candidates that fill your manager’s quota demands.

The best damn spot-on recruiter I’ve ever worked with…  great job handed to me on a silver platter.

Flawless TFS Implementation, Support , Mentoring and training. And we brought in 2 of their resources to code using C#, bleeding edge crew.

The interesting thing about The Bulldog Companies is their ability to get to anyone. By that I mean with their partnership program you can buy any consultant you want from almost any company. You are not getting the best recruited talent that a company’s team can find, you are not getting a career consultant who is on the bench, you are truly getting the best possible talent anyplace, with access like this you also get the most appropriate talent placement.

The Bulldog Companies has almost no corporate footprint that I have to pay for, this typically saves me 25% on the costs of the consultants we bring in. The new Virtual Test Lab should save us even more. They have turned the traditional way of IT Staffing and Consulting on its head!

We had been working with an international IT Staffing company based in the Twin Cities for more than 3 months to find us a single  consultant who could automate Test Cases in TFS using C#. In less than a week we had hired two from The Bulldog Companies.  Not only do they possess the recruiting and technical acumen, but they also have the business sense to understand what we need, Bravo.

We were in a desperate situation and needed a consultant immediately. I called for a consultant on Saturday morning, not thinking I would get any feedback until Monday, boy was I wrong. I had 3 interviews set up for Monday morning by The Bulldog Companies all 3 were qualified options.  I selected the best, who started Monday at noon.  Their competition was asleep at the wheel while they worked, they truly have our best interests in mind, did I mention this was the weekend of Easter Sunday?  Amazing!

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