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When do you need an SDET vs. Tester?

If your goal is a functional quality application that works most of the time  all you need is a tester. If your company is looking for a repeatable, automated, quality solution where software will umbrella an entire application, testing it on and in every conceivable situation it will need to be coded, the ultimate software built to test software. Now you need an SDET(Software Development Engineer in Test).

Benefits of SDET professional:

  • Automate the functions for test
  • Extensive comprehensive code coverage during unit test
  • Build, deploy, run & manage application automation
  • Entirely focused on testability, robustness, and performance of the application
  • Reviewer creation of designs
The Software built for Testing never exhausts.

Technical skills expected from SDET:

  • Knowledge of C#,.NET, Java or other programming languages.
  • Experience of working “AGILE + DevOps” process management methodology.
  • SDET should have knowledge about various test method & corresponding tools like MS Test, NUnit, TestNG, Selenium WebDriver, etc.
  • SDET should have exposure to Behavior Driven Development.
  • Able to find bottlenecks and thresholds in existing code with the help of automation tools.
  • Contribute to Object-Oriented Design

Where or how do you find a SDET?

The SDET is one of the hottest roles in technology. The skills and experience do not come cheap nor are they immediately available. You need experts who are in the business, interacting with these people every single day. You will not fill this role with a job posting, you need an expert skilled hunter.  You need The Bulldog Companies, IT Consultants UNLEASHED! Call us to customize your hunt.

Twin Cities Salary Info:

SDET: $122,667-$166,158 – Current Midpoint Salary: $144,343

QAE: $75,168-$128,935 – Current Midpoint Salary: $89,880

MGR: $86,938-$148,730 –  Current Midpoint Salary: $104,058

ANL: $66,608-$113,152 – Current Midpoint Salary: $79,448

SE: $111,815-$189,122 – Current Midpoint Salary: $133,215

**2019 Salary Survey

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