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The Cull Lobster

The Cull Lobster


I recently learned of the cull lobster and its ability to survive and thrive. The “cull” is a lobster that has “lost” one claw. Usually, they are just processed or thrown out because they do not look enough like a lobster to demand more than 25% of the going rate, they are damaged, take up space and are not worth the trouble. The interesting thing about the cull is that it typically yields more meat than that of a dual clawed able-bodied lobster of the same age. Why? I like to think because it hasn’t had everything delivered to it as easily as her/his dual-clawed brethren. Rather, she/he has had to work twice as hard to sustain itself and has learned the specifics of what it takes to be a lobster so well that he or she can do it one handed. He or she has mastered the art of “lobstering” so well that he or she has actually become a better lobster than the able bodied lobster through unrelenting toughness, work, dedication, loyalty and commitment to the craft. This super-lobster can’t stop being a lobster and continues to be more of a lobster because it is all that he or she knows what to do because it is all that he/she has ever done.


I like to hire “cull lobsters” damaged, but not broken and ready to thrive. You’ll be surprised at when given the chance just how much better the “cull” will perform.




Christian Pederson is the Founder and CEO of The Bulldog Companies – IT Consultants, Unleashed!

A Twin-Cities based technical consulting company built for today’s agile business. If you need technical people in the Twin Cities, there is no better place from whom to buy.

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