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20 years of Random Interview notes, we all know this stuff, but they are all good reminders. 

CP’s Random Notes on Interviews. Good reminders.

–  The Top 1/3 of your resume is all that matters. The rest may help you get a job, but the top 1/3 gives you the opportunity.

The Elevator Pitch

–  Top 20 Interview questions

–  More Solid Questions

10 Great Ways to “Tell me about your self.”

Final Interview Questions  Contrary to pop culture, coffee isn’t for closers, it is for the masses. Listening, improving and asking smart questions are for “closers”.

AFTER the Interview  Using a thank-you letter as a marketing tool can make it longer than one page. That is fine. The only thing that should dictate its length is the amount of valuable information you want to include.

What is DevOps?

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