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Looking For Your Next Project? Beware Of The Staffing Barista

Looking for your next project? Beware of the Staffing Barista

A good barista, only a couple weeks into the job can take all your key words: “double shot,” “mocha,” “latte,” “no whip,” and deliver you exactly the drink you’re looking for.

Your job search is far more nuanced (and important) than a coffee order.

The staffing industry is chock full of companies that churn through ‘fresh’ recruiters and account managers who are very happy to check off key words and spit out an order. But it’s a disservice to their clients expecting a true partner in their search.

There is a craft to understanding the breadth of a candidate’s experiences and goals, just as there is a craft to understanding a company’s, needs, expectations and culture. Too often what would have been a great fit for both the company and the candidate can fall by the wayside because an inexperienced staff was processing tech-skills rather than understanding needs.

If you’re a candidate looking for your next project or a company in search of a resource, ask about your rep’s experience and the firm’s processes. Then listen to their questions – it shouldn’t sound like a checklist.

You can find several firms who will truly help you in your search, not just fill a quota. The Bulldog Companies should be one of those firms. Follow us or call us today to find out about our approach and the experience upon which it’s built.

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