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Client Benefits

Veteran Recruiters and Account Reps, ONLY

Any person recruiting to your roles or managing your account is a veteran of this industry and this community

Leading Edge Tools

We’ve evaluated the top tools. We’ve invested in the very best, implemented and integrated.

We’ve been there

We know how to uncover and hone in on top talent, and can anticipate pitfalls before they happen


No executive leather. All of our furniture is bought to help get the work done.


Rather than invest in corner offices, we invest in the most valuable people, tools and technology.

Constant Improvement

Like you, we’re constantly adapting or reinventing in order to exceed client expectations

Old-school communication

We deal in technology skills, but we work exclusively within personal relationships

In the community

Each of our principals has been providing IT consultancy services in the Twin Cities for more than 20 years.

Indomitable Process

Our unique and comprehensive approach to full life-cycle recruiting.

Submit to your need, not ours

Others submit candidates to hit internal quotas. We submit because we uncovered a great candidate. No spaghetti on the wall.

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