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Candidate Referral

We will split or divide the first quarter (3 months) profit dollars for the placed candidate’s contract or full-time placement fee.

Client Referral

We will split or divide profit dollars for the first quarter (3 months) of the project, assignment or full-time placement fee. All future business directly associated with the client referral will also be eligible for referral fees.


  • Referred placed candidate’s cost of employment $55.00/hour.
  • Non Referred Client Bill Rate $60.00/hour.
  • Profit dollars $5.00.
  • You will earn $2.50/ hour.


  • If more than $600, you will receive a federal and state 1099 annually and will be responsible for paying income tax on the referral.
  • You must be legally capable of receiving a referral fee.
  • You must remain in good ethical standing with The Bulldog Companies.
  • Profit is based on “cash in” basis and is not based on potential future earnings.
  • Program is subject to change without warning.
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