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Companies like Netflix, Intuit and Gilt Groupe have leveraged the SOASTA CloudTest® Platform to load, performance and functional test their web and mobile apps. We’re now offering CloudTest Lite for FREE through our partnership with The Bulldog Companies. DOWNLOAD CLOUD TEST LITE FOR FREE

About CloudTest

The CloudTest Platform offers a single, integrated platform for functional and performance testing. Designed for testing modern web and mobile applications, its patented visual test creation environment enables rapid creation and editing of even the most complex tests. By leveraging the cloud, tests can be distributed globally, executed at any scale, and run affordably. And real-time analytics provide immediate, actionable intelligence, a requirement for testing live production environments.

The CloudTest Platform is accessible from a range of options that meet the needs of any individual or organization.

CloudTest Lite Edition – Free and easy-to-use functional and performance testing at any stage. CloudTest Lite is downloaded as a ready-to-run Virtual Machine and is supported by our CloudLink Community.

CloudTest – Integrated functional and internal/external performance testing for teams of all sizes. Your teams have full control to build, execute and analyze performance tests, with the flexibility to launch tests on a single platform that seamlessly integrates internal hardware with private and public cloud infrastructure, and test community resources.

CloudTest On-Demand – Turnkey testing services delivered by the SOASTA Performance Engineering Team. There is no need to buy software, provision hardware or train valuable resources to build and execute tests.

Get started today. Download CloudTest Lite.


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