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BulldogCloud Portfolio Approach

Bulldog Cloud Approach


Cloud Services include:

  • Converting traditional applications to cloud-based services
  • Cloud data storage and backup solutions
  • Cloud server solutions
  • Email hosting
  • File sharing solutions
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Implementation and Migration
  • Google Apps for Business Integration with
  • Custom Applications with
  • Project Management, Architect, and Business Systems Analyst Staffing
  • Creation of a Strategic Road Map

Be like these businesses who save millions in The Cloud:

  • 150-employee tool manufacturer — freed-up capital, cut inventory by 30%, and expanded into global distribution.
  • A 50-staff clinical trial firm with an IT staff of 1-person IT —implemented a platform for global growth and cost control and saved $250,000 the first-year savings.
  • 14-person ethnic health and beauty care products company — met their contract with Procter & Gamble to be fully operational in six weeks and achieved it.
  • 50-employee media communications provider — reduced cycle times and errors in critical business processes in six weeks while containing costs, in just six weeks.
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